HP Latex printers – workflow solutions

Expert guidance

HP has partnered with over one hundred industry-leading providers to deliver a portfolio of end-to-end workflow solutions for almost any application. You can count on our team to help you every step of the way.

HP Latex Mobile

HP Latex Mobile marks a new era of smart printers. This app enables you to receive helpful consumables alerts while also remotely monitoring your printer and job status. It also compiles metrics² related to ink and media usage and productivity. Print with greater confidence, especially as you no longer have to worry about the status of print jobs while you’re away from the printer.


HP WallArt Suite

Meet the demand for high-quality, personalized wall design with the HP WallArt Suite.³ This cloud-based solution is designed to help you drive new growth in decorative applications. It’s easier than ever to produce and sell new decorative applications through your ecommerce website. From easy web-based consumer design to automated production and customer/order management, you can drive new business.

A complete offering of HP Latex printing solutions

HP and our market-leading partners offer key components optimized for HP Latex printing technologies, so you can choose a turnkey solution—or choose among the modular components—for a range of applications.

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