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In today’s market place corporate companies want to be able to print on to a multitude of materials and substrates ranging from flexible textiles to rigid boards and just about everything in between. Marketers and advertisers demand that corporate logos and images be consistent with the emphasis on achieving exact colours,  Colorflo’s services helps make this achievable.

Often companies do not realize the full potential of their equipment purchases because the training addresses the product purchased and not your workflow outside the product. Invariably the installer is unable to address any workflow concerns. We help resolve these problems allowing devices to communicate colour harmoniously. We reduce your consumable waste and operator time while attaining a superior colour product. Create high quality ICC profiles and learn how to use them not only in Adobe applications but also in the leading RIPs. We have helped businesses like yours achieve the best colour possible quickly with tips and short cuts earned from years of experience.

Colorflo is targeted at customers that are demanding more accurate and consistent colour on a wide range of printers and substrates for a variety of applications. Colorflo provides digital printers with workflow management solutions, colour management services and training. We have invested in the tools, skills and resources to be able to offer customised colour management and workflow solutions.

Customised Color Profiling provides customers with a dedicated profile for their own particular requirements. This service is performed on-site by one of Colorflo colour specialists and will ensure a greater level of accuracy than most standard `out-of-the-box` profiles. It is also of primary importance to offer training services to our customers. The development of operator competencies, including the in house maintenance of equipment and the improvement of productivity are the goals of the courses given by Colorflo a division of Midcomp.


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