T-Shirt Printing

There is no limit to what you can create with the AnaJet mPower! With metal foil, photo, art and 3D printing abilities, as well as Extended Media (such as wood, glass and tile) printing capabilities, you can offer your customers a variety of products and cash in on the high margins.

Anajet mPower MP5 and MP10

Industrial print head technology and high capacity for production environments. Reliable dark & light garment printing. Purpose-built for garment printing, not “modified”.

Ideal for T-shirt printiung, the mPower digital apparel printer is the fastest and most durable direct-to-garment printer in its class. Purpose-built for high-volume production, the mPower uses a robust industrial print head and a new, innovative, patented ink delivery and recirculation system. For singles, short runs, or hundreds of prints per day, the mPower enables imaging businesses of all kinds to realize more prints, more profits and more possibilities. Sign and large format vendors, custom T-shirt printing shops, screen printers, promotional products distributors, start-ups and retail stores are adopting mPower to stay competitive

“Within months we found that not only was our AnaJet filling our need for small orders with lots of colors and little lead time, it was also our fastest-growing profit center. Our AnaJet printer is by far the single most profitable piece of equipment in the shop.” – Creative Promotions, Inc., Seattle, WA


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