L3 Digital Cutter

For better performance and quality

Take your productivity in shoe manufacturing to the next level! Deliver precision leather cutting and process soles, liner, and even stencil materials with greater exactitude and efficiency than you ever thought possible. With an oscillating tool and always the perfect blade for the job, Zünd L3 leather cutters let you process leather and other materials at speeds of up to one meter per second! The punch module with two independent tools punches up to eight holes per second. With Zünd leather cutters, your production becomes first rate – efficient, economical, superior in quality!

For better cost effectiveness and efficiency

Comfortable leather sofas, cozy armchairs, cockpit furnishings, and steering wheels of luxury sports cars – Zünd digital cutters are at the origin of so many products we encounter. Many well-known manufacturers in the leather industry have put their trust in Zünd cutting systems. This is not surprising, considering the outstanding performance and productivity of Zünd textile cutting equipment. Their low operating cost and simple integration in existing production workflows further contribute to an extraordinarily quick ROI.


24/7 non-stop production

The L3 cutting system is designed for non-stop production: cutting/processing and loading/unloading occur concurrently. A green LED light indicates which area can be safely accessed for unloading and reloading, while production continues on the other side.

The custom cutter

With the technology and build designed for high volume production, the G3 flatbed cutter is uniquely qualified for industrial use and multi-shift, 24/7 operation. A worldwide service network ensures the availability of spare parts at any time.


Projection System

The projection system visually supports the user through all phases of production: from setup and automatic or interactive nesting, to picking/sorting of cut parts.


Material hold-down and cutting surface

The L3 leather cutter work surface consists of a highly stable aluminum plate and is divided into individually controllable vacuum zones. A stepless variable, energy-efficient vacuum generator creates optimal material hold-down.


Flexible tool configuration

Define the functions your L3 leather cutter needs to perform and freely combine up to seven tools from the Zünd tool kit for different tasks.


Workflow efficiency

Production and loading/unloading of materials on the L3 cutting system occur at the same time. A green LED light signals which area can be safely accessed at any given time.


Integrated, automated tool calibration

Quick, precise, efficient: the setup of the cutting tool occurs automatically with a permanently-installed initialization system. This eliminates manual procedures and test-cuts for determining proper cutting depths.



The slanted work area facilitates loading and unloading of the L3 digital cutter. For optimal accessibility, the control panel can be moved as needed.


Speed by design

The exceptional productivity of the L3 cutter stems from its smart motion control, precise drive system and fine-tuned cutting technology.

The Zünd tool concept: ingeniously versatile



Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT

The EOT is ideally suited for cutting soft to moderately firm leather materials as well as detailed contours. High oscillating frequencies offer superior processing speeds.


Pneumatic Oscillating Tool – POT

With an 8 mm stroke, the powerful air-driven POT is particularly well-suited for processing dense, tough materials such as those used for soles.



The Zünd high-performance tools for perforating leather, rubber and textile materials are capable of punching up to 8 holes per second.



Mark and label various materials with efficient Zünd marking modules. Refills are widely available.


Punch Modules

High-performance tools for perforating leather, rubber and textile materials at speeds of up to 8 holes per sec.


Universal Modules

Universal modules for wide range of tools.


Router Module

Universal routing module equipped with powerful high-frequency spindle.

The L3 leather cutter – flexible and efficient



Cutting and perforating tools designed specifically for leather applications deliver superior performance and productivity.


Sole materials

Rigid, tough materials require powerful cutting tools. Robust blades and the oscillating tools EOT or POT are the perfect combination for processing sole materials.


Stencil materials

Process stencil material of all kinds. For materials that are too tough for cutting, the Zünd tool kit offers just the right routing tool.


Stencil materials

Process stencil material of all kinds. For materials that are too tough for cutting, the Zünd tool kit offers just the right routing tool.


Rolled materials

Is leather processing your primary business? Even if that is the case, would you like to have greater flexibility when using the L3 cutting system? With the optional roll-off unit, you can easily and efficiently process rolls up to a width of 2000 mm/90“ and weight of 70 kg/154 lbs.

L3 Cutting Sizes


MindCUT Studio system features



Automatic cut-path optimization

MindCUT Studio automatically optimizes cut paths according to the required tooling and type of leather being processed. This allows for significantly faster, more efficient, and consistently high-quality cutting of leather parts.


Automatic hide capture

The optional software module MindCUT Studio Capture Light automatically captures the contours of the hide. The user simply has to interactively position the parts on the material.


Simple automatic nesting

MindCUT Studio automatically determines the best parts placement on the hide for maximum material yield. The automatic nesting function employs powerful algorithms that ensure optimal nesting of even the most complex designs. It saves time, optimizes material yield, and keeps waste to a minimum.


Interactive nesting

In this nesting mode, the cut contours for each part are interactively positioned on the hide by the user. The user retains complete control over the placement of each part on the hide. Optionally, the user can choose to have MindCUT Studio automatically rotate parts to an optimal position. This helps position and nest even highly complex shapes quickly and efficiently.


Visual support for picking/sorting cut parts

MindCUT Studio actively supports the user during picking/removal by color-coding the parts that belong together. This helps to easily and efficiently sort parts for a certain show size or model in preparation for postprocessing.

Components and features

FunctionMindCUT Studio
MindCUT Studio
Production Light
Interactive nestingintegratedintegrated
Simple automatic nestingintegratednot integrated
Visual support for
picking/sorting cut parts
MindCut Automatic Leather Capture Light
for capturing hide contours

MindCUT Studio

MindCUT Studio is fully integrated in the digital cutting workflow. The software has an intuitive user interface and is very easy to use. MindCUT Studio is modular in design and includes the following functions:

  • File import and automatic cut-path optimization
  • Interactive nesting
  • Simple, automatic nesting within rectangular materials (optional)
  • Integrated cutter control
  • Visual support for picking/sorting cut parts
  • Tandem production workflow
  • Capture of hide contouers (optional)